About us

History of the Hotel Ascona since 1906

For the last 116 years, the Hotel Ascona has offered its guest unique experiences in one of the most beautiful spots in southern Switzerland and Europe. From the moment you book to the day you check out, we’re always here to meet all your needs and requests.

Our customizable services will ensure you have a fulfilling stay, shaped to your requirements and those of your travel companions.


Vladimir Strastrakaba (1852–1934), a Hungarian admirer of Leo Tolstoy, arrived at Monte Verità in 1906 but soon left it to found the Pensione Mirtillo in the building that would be transformed into the Hotel Ascona in 1938. It has been supposed that Strastrakaba, a family man with numerous offspring, was put off by the freedom that existed at the alternative settlement of Monte Verità and left it to open his own community, which was more in keeping with his own morals.

The Pensione Mirtillo served strictly vegetarian dishes and had a code of conduct based on twelve commandments that ended as follows: “In the Mirtillo Family you should feel at home, at ease, satisfied, healthy and well …”

Our predecessor’s great motto has continued to be a source of inspiration for us at the Hotel Ascona. We work hard on a daily basis to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where you can feel looked after and at home.

Present day

The director Andrea Biasca-Caroni and his wife Greta represent the third generation of a family that has always run and managed the hotel with love and dedication.

They seek to offer the Hotel Ascona’s guests a unique and unforgettable experience, taking care of even the smallest details to offer the highest levels of comfort and wellbeing to those who stay here. We very much look forward to seeing you.